Benefits of Renting Serviced Offices

Although many people work from home, those who would like to expand their business and hire employees may find it challenging as they will need to find office space. Serviced offices offer a great alternative to those who desire the privacy of an office but cannot afford it or do not wish to deal with getting a lease for an office. However, some benefits renting serviced offices offer your business can help you promote your brand more effectively.

Expand or downsize as needed

Renting a serviced office gives you the flexibility to expand your office space depending on your work volume. No commitments, contracts, or set-up costs are involved for a serviced office environment that can be adapted with short notice if necessary. Further, it is very easy to rent another office in the same building or next door if you need more space.

More flexible working hours

With traditional leases of offices, there are usually stringent conditions about working hours which are not ideal for some business models. However, some spaces, especially the serviced offices in Sydney CBD offer flexible working hours and access to meeting rooms, IT support, and post services. You can create your work environment by renting a serviced office space with add-ons such as heating and full reception services.


Renting an entire office means there is no need to worry about maintenance issues such as plumbing, roofing, and external building repairs giving you full control over how you want your working environment to look and feel without any concerns.

Reception and business support services

There is no need to hire a receptionist when renting an entire office space; service providers offer a dedicated receptionist service 24/7, saving both time and money and leaving more room in your budget for rent and other business expenses.

Further, most serviced office spaces provide free internet access to all their tenants, providing a professional working environment that is business orientated and allows you to focus on your work at hand without distractions from the outside world.

Networking Opportunities

Apart from being a fantastic way to improve your company’s brand image, renting serviced offices allows you to network with other organizations or businesses in your area. Many serviced offices offer working space to various professionals, while others are situated within larger office spaces that house different businesses.

Flexible Terms

Most serviced office buildings offer flexible terms with their rental agreements, which can be customized to suit your business needs and requirements. Property rentals typically involve 24 month or longer leases. In contrast, you can rent for as little or as long as possible with a serviced office rental. Therefore, there are no long-term leases to tie yourself down, which lets you move easily if your business suddenly takes off. That is one of the primary reasons why more businesses are willing to rent serviced offices instead of traditional premises because it is much easier to manage your costs when there are no surprises on your monthly balance sheet.

For most businesses that want to improve their company’s brand image, networking opportunities, and workspace options, renting serviced space can be the perfect solution.


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