how to pick the right wheel and tyre package

Choosing the right wheel and tyre package can be difficult when you’re a larger rider because what you don’t know won’t hurt you. It’s important to consider your riding style and level of experience, as well as your riding area and training goals.


However, there are certain things that every buyer should consider when picking their package. The first thing is how much power each wheel and tyre package puts out in terms of wattage/power. Once that is figured out, you should figure out what your average speed will be. The majority of people need a power output in the range of 180-315 watts for a comfortable ride (assuming you won’t go much faster than 40-60km/hr).

With this information, it’s time to choose your wheel and tyre package. If you’re buying a package that says it’s for a competitive rider, ensure you choose the same weight or heavier rider. If you’re buying a package for a recreational rider, choose the same weight or lighter rider and check how much power output is required to go faster than your average speed. This is also important if you want to go racing, because you don’t want to be too heavy (unless it’s race day).


Another thing to consider when choosing your wheel and tyre package is the terrain in which you will ride. If you’re planning to do lots of climbing, you may want a deeper profile tyre. Buy wheels and tyres from autocraze, a deeper profile rim will provide contact with the ground better and help reduce punctures. If you are going to be riding in wet conditions, choose a package that has good braking performance as most tyres that don’t provide good braking performance aren’t very effective when wet.


Finally, consider the training program you have in mind and whether or not your chosen package will allow it to be carried out as effectively as possible.

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