Ozzy Tyres Australia Review

If you are looking to buy aftermarket Ozzy tyres & wheels at a reasonable price in Australia, then look no further than Ozzy Tyres Australia. The company has years of experience in this industry and are present in several locations in the country as well as online.

Who is Ozzy Tyres Australia?

Ozzy tyres offer automotive service in Australia and the company has over 20 years of experience in the tyre industry. The company’s portfolio boasts of an impressive collection of wheels and tyres. Additionally, the company also offers excellent customer support nationwide which made them highly popular in Australia.

The company also opened an online store in 2010 to better serve their customers and be the industry leader in wheels and tyres in the country.

Services Offred by Ozzy Tyres

Wheel and Tyre Packages

At Ozzy Tyres, you will find a wide range of car tyres including terrain wheels, 4*4 wheels, Holden Commodore, Ford Ranger wheels, Euro and JDM styled wheels, etc. All these tyres come in different materials, colors, and inches.

The average price of their Wheel and Tyre packages is $913. However, you buy tyres and wheels separately and their prices can get as low as $36.

Other Car Components

The company also sells other car components such as lamp covers, lock nuts, oil cap covers, etc along with a wide array of care tints available in different shades to meet their clients’ needs. They have a gallery section on their website where you can view their previously tinted cars.

If you buy from their online store, you can get price cuts available via coupon codes and discount offers. You can also arrange related products on the page. They also offer free shipping on all their wheel and tyre orders along with a 100% Fitment guarantee.


Ozzy Tyres Australia offers a large selection of top wheel brands such as KMC, Stance, Vertini, Giovanna, etc and you can place your order online 24/7. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, Ozzy Tyres offer great comfort and excellent customer support thanks to their excellent product quality and unmatched pricing.












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