What are Cyclone Proof Shutters?

If you have lived in an area in or around the tropics for a few years, you know that an annual occurrence that we must cope with is the yearly cyclone season. You may have even heard of your neighbors using various devices to guard their homes, and maybe you have asked yourself the question, what are cyclone proof shutters? The experience of a cyclone striking your city or town is not a fun one to think about, and by now it is obvious that you should try to take better measures to protect your home in the event that you lie in the path of one of these storms. I am about to tell you what cyclone proof shutters are, and how they can protect you and your home from falling victim to the extreme devastation that is possible if a major cyclone were to make landfall over your home.


When tropical cyclones develop during the warm seasonal months, some of them can grow to a strength where the wind speeds may be sustained at or well above 100 kilometers per hour. This can create a dangerous situation because the winds of the storm can pick up ordinary objects and transform them into dangerous, flying projectiles. So, what are cyclone proof shutters, and why do you need them? Well, if you think of the flying debris impacting your home, the windows on your house are the most vulnerable component because they will shatter if they are hit by a fast moving piece of debris. Once the windows are broken, the powerful winds and water can enter your home, and this can cause water damage and may even cause your roof to fly off. Cyclone proof shutters, which are window coverings made of aluminum, will cover and protect your windows from being directly impacted by flying debris. They are really the best way to protect your home and save you the expense of having to rebuild after a storm. I highly recommend that you look into buying cyclone proof shutters before it is too late.

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