What are Quality Sheds Made From?

There are many different things to consider on your quest to buy or build your very own shed. Wood, plastic, and metal are the most used materials. With so many options, how do you know which one guarantees the highest quality? There are pros and cons to all materials above, but a couple stand out in terms of quality.


Wooden sheds are a very popular shed material. To add to their amazing aesthetic and ability to be customized, they have a strong, durable base. Despite their popularity, wooden sheds are susceptible to rot, usually caused by water. Wood affected by high moisture and decay can attract termites. To avoid this, air circulation is important to keep moisture levels down.


Plastic sheds are another popular option and actually cheaper than wooden sheds. They are the easiest to build and resistant to rot and insects. Although, plastic sheds usually don’t allow for personal customization and are not as environmentally friendly as wooden sheds.


Metal sheds are cheaper than both wooden and plastic sheds, but not as strong as them. They are, like plastic, resistant to insects and rot. On the downside, they dent easily and are prone to leaks, which cause rust.  It is a good option if you are not planning on spending a lot of money on a shed. As a result, metal sheds are of lower quality than wooden and plastic sheds.


Tassie sheds. If you prefer a shed that can be customized to your liking, consider a wooden shed. If you would rather have an easy assembly and customization is not a priority, a plastic shed is for you. 


Between these, pick the one that suits you better. The quality of your shed is dependent on the quality of the material you are willing to invest in and how much you are willing to take care of your shed.

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