What Is Pasteurised Crab Meat?


If you live near the ocean coasts, fresh seafoods like crabs can easily be enjoyed by you and your family. Now, if you live far away from the sea, then buying pasteurised crab meat at the grocery store is the next best thing if you are craving for crab meat.


Pasteurised crab meat is made of the meat obtained from live crabs which are cooked and then placed inside a plastic container or a tin can. After that, the container or can is then sealed hermetically and processed through pasteurisation.


The pasteurisation process that pasteurised crab meat goes through is like the pasteurisation process for orange juice and milk, where the product is subjected to heat then to cold in order to kill the bacteria.


The entire process of pasteurising crab meat lasts for about four hours. The product will be subjected to 890C heat for two hours. Then it will be submerged in an ice bath for another two hours.


So, why do they need to pasteurise crab meat? It is because pasteurisation can effectively kill and eliminate bacteria without altering the characteristics of the meat inside such as its flavor, color, and texture. Everything stays the same except for it is clean and safe enough to eat straight from the can.

After buying pasteurised crab meat from the grocery store, you have to keep it refrigerated at home so that it can last long or until its expiration date. Now, once you open it, you have to consume it within two to three days.

Pasteurised crab meat is usually sold in a one pound can or a 10-ounce plastic container. Since crab meat is low in fat and high in protein, it can be a great addition to your diet and you can cook it by blending it in soups, frying it, or including it in your salad.

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